Midwest High School Athletic Organization

October 24, 2016

For the first time in poll history both number one and number two lost in the same week. If that wasn’t crazy enough, consider that both upsets were pulled off by the same team—KC East.

The Lions, who sat at the bottom of the MHSAO polls all year, stunned everyone by beating both previously undefeated teams in the last three days of the regular season. On Thursday they won 56-22 on the road against KSD. Saturday they served up a 48-36 victory to the visiting Cornerstone Spartans. 


The back-to-back victories in the final hours were exactly what KC East needed to grab the attention of MHSAO pollsters. Delegates took notice, and for the first time this season, last year’s state champion finds themselves in the top half of the bracket. It is the largest jump in MHSAO history and this week it is the only change standings. The Lions jumped from #9 to #5 and everyone else stayed in basically the same order.

The next question on the minds of all MHSAO members and fans alike is what does this mean for the playoffs?

While official invites won’t be released until tomorrow, if you are a KC East fan, you have to be feeling good about your chances.

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